WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Ruel, Zedd + Maren Morris, Dayglow, bbno$ & LØLØ


If you haven’t caught on yet, Ruel is a fucking superstar. And his new single ‘YOU AGAINST YOURSELF’ is a euphoric and anthemic track that captures his growth as an artist, and the exciting and bold direction he’s heading in with his forthcoming debut album. It was a track thats was meant to be premiered at Splendour In The Grass last month, but the extreme rain and muddy conditions had different plans. And it’s quite unfortunate as this is a song that is intended to be experienced live. The pulsating synth punches in the chorus and the nostalgic tinged guitars have this freeing attitude to them that immediately brings you into the early 2000’s. It’s infectious, and liberating, and provides a great contrast to the song’s lyrical exploration. 

Playing commentary on watching someone be so self-destructive against themselves, the Sydney based singer-songwriter questions if they know that he is there for them and is rooting for them. “I know you feel it, but you’d always rather bottle it up. I’m rooting for you, but you’re not even trying. I wanna help you, but it’s hard to get through all of your walls. I hope you know that I’m rooting for ya” he sings during the opening verse. As humans we all have the tendency to get stuck in our heads and forget that we have people around us who are willing to be there, so this song is a euphoric reminder to open our eyes and reach out when things get a little dark. 

Zedd, Maren Morris, BEAUZ – Make You Say

When you have a collaborative song that is as big as ‘The Middle’, you kind of know to just not touch that again and let it be its own individual moment in time. But you also can’t help but question if there is still more magic in that creative partnership, and you want to push forward to find that out. And luckily Zedd and Maren Morris have defied those odds and reunited for ‘Make You Say’ with the additional help from BEAUZ, because this is yet another flawless electronic-pop moment. From the very first listen you will be hooked with its summer-tinged production, Maren’s smooth vocals, and that epic breakdown that could fuel a whole night out. They explore the reality of a break-up where you find yourself hoping the other person will regret the separation and continue missing you, even though how unhealthy that may be. “You’ll miss the weeks, the days, the hours. When all the loneliness kicks in. You’ll buy them drinks and send them flowers. But they won’t love you like I did” she sings during the opening verse. I can’t get over how incredibly catchy and intoxicating this song is. Pure electronic-pop brilliance. 

Dayglow – Deep End

Dayglow is really out here giving us some of the best indie-pop bops of the year. The 22 year old Texas based musician has just graced Australian shores for the first ever time with a highly praised set at Splendour In The Grass, and three sold out headline shows across Sydney and Melbourne. ‘Deep End’ is the second taste of his forthcoming third studio album ‘People In Motion’ which will be released on October 7, and it’s just as euphoric as its flawless predecessor ‘Then It All Goes Away’. Immediately capturing the listeners attention with its bright piano chords, slinky guitars, and pulsating synths, he gives you this anthemic slice of pop perfection. The chorus will be immediately stuck in your head, and you will be ready to singalong to it with him at one of his future live shows. 

bbno$ – sophisticated

At this stage I don’t think bbno$ can put a wrong foot forward. Every single song he’s putting out is brilliant. All of the accompanying visuals are aesthetically on brand and hilariously thought out. And he’s continually proving himself as an artist who is made for arena stages with loud singalong’s and huge visual performances. He’s returning to Australia this September/October for Listen Out as well as some exclusive headline shows – and one song that is going to become a favourite in these sets is ‘sophisticated’. The new single taken from his forthcoming seventh studio album ‘bag or die’ out October 21 is just as addictively catchy as its predecessors ‘piccolo’ and ‘mathematics’. Taking a slightly slowed down and slick production, he gives his uniquely signature rap delivery that makes the 3 minute duration zoom by. Proclaiming how sophisticated he is, the refrain “I’m the type of guy that stays window shopping at Tiffany’s. I’m the guy that’s always rewatching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is sure to get stuck in your head immediately. 

LØLØ- u turn me on (but u give me depression)

After delivering us the catchy ‘THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!’ back In June, LØLØ has returned with her most infectiously embedded pop-punk release yet. ‘U turn me on (but u give me depression)’ is the break-up song we all need. “I wish I fell for an ax murderer instead of you. He’d kill me too, but at least he’d make it quick” is one of the most relatable opening lyrics I’ve ever heard, and immediately the LA based singer-songwriter had me hooked. I was there with her thinking of my toxic ex who dragged me through hell, and how I wish I had instead fell in love with a murderer so the pain was quick and over with. But for whatever reason I fell in love with him instead, and he still manages to turn me on and make me simultaneously depressed. So yeah, this song is a big mood. The pop-punk energy brings out that anger and turns it into this euphoric release of emotions that is very much needed. It’s upbeat, tongue-in-cheek, and ultimately therapy in song form. It’s one for all the girls, gays, and they’s, and if this isn’t your break-up anthem, then you are doing 2022 wrong. 

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