WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Maisie Peters, WILLOW, The 1975, Cate, & Daphnie

Maisie Peters – Blonde

Going blonde is a power move. It’s a signification of “watch what I’m going to do now”. It’s also an act of confidence building when you need it the most. And Maisie Peters has written an anthem to soundtrack dying your hair blonde, and the violent boot-shaking your ex should do in that moment.

‘Blonde’ is the first of two new releases, and captures the British singer-songwriter in her self-proclaimed “feral-pop” world. A sonical pop-rock continuation of ‘Cate’s Brother’, and the playful songwriting style that has captivated listeners with ‘Psycho’ and the highly-anticipated unreleased ‘Girls House’, she just lets her ex have an honest stream of consciousness. “Had some emotional baggage, oh, but I cut it off. Startin’ with you and every single thing you said to me. Ending with you just wanna talk, but I’m just never free” she sassily sings before proclaiming “I’ll fuck your life up as a blonde”. 

It’s infectiously catchy, attitude-fuelled, and perfectly showcase’s this playful side of Maisie Peters. Also, she’s absolutely correct; there’s nothing more powerful than someone going blonde. From experience, grabbing a box of bleach and cutting your hair is super liberating, and absolutely feral. The sister single ‘Good Enough’, which show’s the other side of Maisie’s artistry, is out August 19. 

WILLOW – hover like a GODDESS

WILLOW has been recently serving us A LOT of new music, and we are not complaining one little bit. Her fifth studio album <COPINGMECHANISM>’ is slated for a September 23 release, and to coincide with this huge announcement she has dropped the riotous ‘hover like a GODDESS’. Leaning into the heavier rock sound of her artistry, this track hints at where she wants to continue exploring with grittier guitars and bigger drums. It reminds me of early Paramore meets Panic! At The Disco with its slight pop interpolation, and her almost rapid-fire vocal delivery which feels very mid 2000’s. Written as an ode to the divine goddess inside us all, she gives us an absolute queer anthem. “To taste you is sweet, my heart is in pieces. When I walk you fucking hover like a goddess. Just meet me under the covers, baby, I wish for you to be free, my only intent’s to please you” she intimately sings. 

The 1975 – Happiness 

The 1975 are a band that have almost become their own genre. You can hear their influence on so much current music, with their distinct sonical world along with the emotionally vulnerable and sometimes political leaning songwriting. Their fifth studio album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ is out October 14, and they’ve just delivered the next single which is a return to their slick pop-rock sound following the Bruce Springsteen inspired ‘Part Of The Band. The original master gives you an extra two minutes of saxophone solos, and instrumental lushness, while the Dance Floor Edit is a punchier singalong version. With lead vocalist Matty Healy’s classic melodies providing a sense of familiarity that is calming, it just feels like an instant-classic The 1975 track. 

Cate – Manic Pixie Dream Girl

If you need one thing to count on, it’s that Cate always knows exactly how to hit you right in the chest with her honest songwriting. The Canadian raised and now UK based singer-songwriter always finds a way to say exactly what I’m thinking, or express how I’m feeling through her raw vulnerability, and her slight humour. Her new single ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is a perfect example of that songwriting style with a track that is all about dating someone who can’t handle the lows with the highs. Unfortunately that is life, and you can’t just be with someone for the good moments, you need to be there for them during the ones that also make us the most human. For this song she takes back the power, and lets them know once and for all that she won’t let herself be disposable anymore. “I feel like your manic pixie dream girl. Call me up when you want a good time. The truth is the highs come with the lows. You can’t just choose what you like” she sings before confessing “So you can call me what you want; reckless, foolish. nothing that I haven’t heard before”. With a guitar driven pop production that has a slight country-leaning energy similar to early Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini, she balances the honest emotion with an empowering playfulness. 

Daphnie – Dizzy

Daphnie is the moniker of rising Sydney based musician Alistair Hayes who has been playing across Australia with the likes of Flowerkid, ioakim, Lola Scott, and RIIKI REED in their respective live bands. Introducing himself to listeners with his own experimentally focused pop project, Daphnie has immediately impressed with ‘Late’ and ‘Sugarcoat’ setting the core foundations. ‘Dizzy’ comes as the third and most impressive release yet. Pushing the experimental foundations even further, he delivers a flurry of synths, distortion, and alt-pop production. Sonically reminiscent of Dayglow and AJR, he builds up to this pulsating explosion that ignites a rush of emotional release. Exploring the feeling of being on the verge of breaking up with someone who’s perfect for you, and being ready to delay everything else happening around you as its just right person wrong time. But the inevitable will happen, and sometimes you do just need to let go. “Cause there’s something broken with my inner ear. And I can’t keep balance if you’re keeping me here, so dizzy” he sings. Daphnie is definitely a newcomer to watch. 

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