WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Tove Lo, Genesis Owusu, Two Door Cinema Club, Dora Jar, Fazerdaze, Maddie Zahm & Barley Passable

Tove Lo – 2 Die 4

For her new single ‘2 Die 4’ Tove Lo really said, “do you remember Popcorn? Well let’s make it gay”. The dance-pop banger is taken from her forthcoming fifth studio album ‘Dirt Femme’ out October 14, and hears her signalling everyone to the dance floor. Following in the footsteps of ‘No One Dies From Love’, she’s creating cinematic inclined pop tracks that guides listeners on a journey that builds momentum while also providing big joyous drops. Sampling Hot Butter’s 1972 hit ‘Popcorn’ (and Crazy Frog’s 2005 cover for any Y2K babes), she brings a touch of nostalgia to this fresh sound that intertwines brooding beats with celebratory feelings. This is a big club moment for Tove Lo, and it’s already become a big moment in her live set with her teasing audiences with it over the past few months. And I for one can’t wait to see her perform it live once she hits Australian shores this September and October for Listen Out. 

Genesis Owusu – GTFO

Genesis Owusu is THE moment. After rightfully winning Album Of The Year at the 2021 Aria Awards, Ghanaian-Australian hip-hop star has entered a year full of his biggest touring to-date. To coincide with his return to Australian shores for Splendour In The Grass, he has dropped the magnetic ‘GTFO’. Beginning with haunting production and his echoing signature vocals, he takes listeners to church and leads listeners into this choir-like chorus that soars so big. It’s different to a lot of the other releases we’ve had from him, but we are also coming to know that we shouldn’t expect anything in particular from him, because he truly is a visionary.

Two Door Cinema Club – Lucky

For the past 12 years Two Door Cinema Club have delivered us so many indie pop-rock gems that have seen them tour the world, play some of the biggest music festivals, and find their way into our favourite playlists. Their fifth studio album ‘Keep On Smiling’ is slated for a September 2 release, and their new single ‘Lucky’ is definitely a song that is going to land in your favourite playlists. This infectious guitar driven track will have you immediately bopping along, with its chorus delivering this upbeat and hopeful feeling that provides a shading to a lyrical reflection on the way the world has become a disposable society. Sonically this song reminds me of classic The Killers with its anthemic approach to the chorus, and particularly with Alex Trimble’s vocal delivery. It’s one you won’t get out of your head for hours. 

Dora Jar – Bumblebee

Dora Jar has quickly become a highly buzzed about newcomer, and rightfully so. The Los Angeles raised singer-songwriter has just come off opening for Billie Eilish on select dates of her U.S ‘Happier Than Ever Tour’, and has just signed to Island Records, and announced a twelve city North American headline tour. On top of all of that, she’s also just released her new single ‘Bumblebee’, and proved yet again why she’s a very exciting new addition to your playlists. This breezy indie-pop song is uplifting, and showcases a strong trajectory for where her artistry is heading. It begins light, and as the song continues it builds into this big pop-rock styled breakdown towards the end. Exploring the reality of human existence, she compares it to the life of a bumblebee and reminds herself that they aren’t bothered by having to pick themselves up off the ground, so neither should we. It’s a really great analogy that I think we all need to remember when we feel low. 

Fazerdaze – Come Apart

It’s been five years in-between releases for Fazerdaze, but the New Zealand singer-songwriter is finally back and ready to tell listeners her story of where she’s been. ‘Come Apart’ is the first taste of new music, and it’s a blurry alt-rock inspired track that notes Nirvana and Blur as influences, but also has a hint of Olivia Rodrigo in the pop side of the mix. This song is all about the realisation that you are growing apart from people in your life, and that you need to set new boundaries up to protect yourself. “Can we give in and admit this, that we’ve grown apart. We’re falling apart, don’t make this hard, this is just the start of us coming apart” she honestly sings. From the very first listen you will be drawn into the anthemic edge that this song boasts. It’s so infectiously catchy, and you will find the “wait a minute” refrain continually ringing through your head. It will also just have you incredibly excited to see the direction she continues to head in as it’s been such a long time in-between releases. 

Maddie Zahm – If It’s Not God

Every now and then an artist comes along who you just immediately know is special and was born to tell their story to people who need to hear the reassurance that they are not alone. And Maddie Zahm is one of those artists. Her debut EP ‘You Might Not Like Her’ will be released on August 12, and so far she’s delivered a string of intimately beautiful and important tracks that speak to a community of people who feel alone. Her new single ‘If It’s Not God’ is another special moment of pure vulnerability that deals with conflicting thoughts about sexuality, religion, and family relationships. The piano led ballad intentionally has a church styled arrangement with a gospel choir accompanying the chorus to put a spotlight on the theme of the song. “They called me a sinner when I was a saint. Hiding in her bedroom praying depression away” she sings, before realising “So either way I choose, I’m not wasting my life. Cause the voice in my head has always been right”. Maddie Zahm always gives me goosebumps, and ‘If It’s Not God’ is a song that definitely gave me them again. 

Barley Passable – Pose

Sydney based electronic-pop duo Barley Passable are back with their second EP ‘All In A Night’ (out now), and following the release of their recent singles ‘On & On & On’ and ‘Right On Time’, they’ve gone even darker with their brooding electronic sound on new single ‘Pose’. This is an exciting dance-pop track that captures a unique light and shade throughout their delivery. It’s gritty, jarring, and still soars with this bright infectiousness. Reminiscent of The Presets, with some Daft Punk influences shinning through, there is also a nod to 80’s fashion, and even the queer culture that has made its way to mainstream music with the jarring attitude of the hook. This is a song I could imagine playing at an industrial fashion runway as there is a unique confident glide to it. I was obsessed upon the first listen, and I still am now. 

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