WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Ellie Goulding, P!nk, Luca George, G FLIP, Eluera, Thelma Plum & CODY JON + Charley 

Ellie Goulding feat. Big Sean – Easy Lover

Ellie Goulding is heading back into the synth-pop world, and it’s making us feel like its 2015/2016 all over again. ‘Easy Lover’ is a slinky, anthemic, and pulsating track that immediately reminds us of the bop worthy attitude of ‘Something In The Way You Move’. Which makes sense, because this song was first written back in the ‘Delirium’ era where she very much became the “IT” pop girl. Since then, the song has gone through many different versions to bring it into 2022 where Big Sean features on it with her. Co-written with Julia Michaels, and produced by Greg Kurstin, she describes a toxic lover that continually pulls her in every time she walks away. “And I’ve been walking in a straight line, finding this again. But every time I leavе you pull me back in” she sings. 

With ‘Easy Lover’ Ellie Goulding gets to finally have her slice of disco-pop revival. The infectious production and smooth melody will have you immediately in love with it, and will have you ready to dance under strobe lighting in a club. 

P!nk – Irrelevant 

“The kids are not alright. None of us are right” P!nk sings in her triumphant new protest song ‘Irrelevant’, and she’s absolutely correct. The state of the world is scary. And the fact that people don’t have control of their own bodies is terrifying. It’s time for us to get angry, and let them know we won’t go down without a fight, and P!nk has created the perfect anthem to lead that conversation. From start to finish, this song is goosebump worthy. There is so much emotion, power, and anger behind the lyrics which perfectly interweaves with a classic pop-rock P!nk production that could sonically be found between ‘I’m Not Dead’ and ‘Today’s The Day’. This could’ve easily been a powerful ballad, but instead she delivers this punchy pop-rock song that slightly disguises that political message and then directly hits you with one of the mot important bridges of our times. “Girls just wanna have rights. So, why do we have to fight?” she soulfully chants. 

‘Irrelevant’ is unfortunately the song we need in 2022, but it’s a song we’re glad we have.

Luca George – Ruin My life

If you have not heard of Luca George yet, then this is your sign. Actually, I’m telling you right now that you have to press play on this song. Like, please. Do it. The New Zealand singer-songwriter is only three songs into his musical journey, and he’s already highlighted why he’s going to be regularly invading your playlists. His fresh take on synth laden pop is additive, and there is an infectious attitude to his playful vocal delivery. His new single ‘Ruin My Life’ is another exceptional example of this, with its pulsating production, dreamy melodies, and an infectiously catchy hook that will be immediately stuck in your head. Exploring the classic queer story of falling for a straight boy who is absolutely oblivious to the lines he crosses when playfully flirting, it’s the ultimate unrequited crush scenario. “Someday, I bet you’ll ruin my life. Can’t even go to a party without you and cry. We dance, and we drink, and we touch” he sings. From the first listen you will be obsessed with this ultimate pop song, and you won’t be able to get enough of Luca’s smooth vocals. 

G FLIP – Waste Of Space

Sometimes you just need to listen to a song, and that is the case with G FLIP’s emotionally raw new single, ‘Waste Of Space’. This is a track that is all about their journey with their non-binary identity. It’s a song they wish they had when they were growing up to make them realise all of the feelings they had internally were validated and okay. And it’s a song that is set as a reminder to anyone listening that they are not a waste of space, and they are meant to be here. “I grew up uncomfortable. Eleven years old and I wanted to die. I don’t feel like I’m a girl. Nor a boy, so where do I lie?” they sing led by a guitar riff during the important first verse. Emotionally building up to the two minute mark, they then release a catharsis of production that coincides with the important chanting of “not a waste of space”. 

This is such an emotionally heavy song, and I already don’t know how I’m not going to sob watching them perform this at Splendour In The Grass next weekend. But I guess we just need to embrace that vulnerability, and celebrate everyone who packs out the Amphitheatre to see them. 

Eluera – Madeline

Eluera’s growing discography is impressive to say the least. The Central Coast based singer-songwriter has continually delivered pop-bops that are vulnerable, honest, and infectiously charged, and now she’s back with another one. ‘Madeline’ is the Jolene of 2022, except, Madeline never did anything, and it’s the internal power of our own insecurities taking over. Written about the fantasies she had of her partner with another girl, this song captures the unhealthy toxic behaviour we can personally attribute to. I’ve been in this exact situation where I dreamt up a situation that wasn’t happening and believed it, and it absolutely sucks.“You can put your hands on any other guy, so why pick mine? You’re like heaven, so I’m begging, oh let him be mine” she sings during the slinky chorus. The production is led by a groovy guitar riff, an offbeat drum beat, and slinky additional synths that bring this song into an addictive sound space. From the first listen you will be absolutely mesmerised.

Thelma Plum – When It Rains It Pours

In May, Thelma Plum put us under a spell again with the dreamy alt-pop stylings of ‘Backseat of My Mind’. And now she’s returning with the six track EP ‘Meanjin’ which will be released on August 12, as well as a 10 date Australian tour. To coincide with these exciting announcements, the Gamilaraay artist has released a stunning new single. ‘When It Rains It Pours’ is a love letter to her family. It was written during the lockdown where she was watching her neighbours setting up a dinner outside in the rain, and she longed for being with her family again. “When it rains, it pours. I walk through the city to yours. Dinner’s been served and you’re next to her. There’s no place for me” she sings during the chorus before the outro that hears her professing, “no place like home”. It’s an intimate and sweeping alt-pop song that intertwines her stunning lyricism with her beautiful melodic vocals that will forever have us wanting more. 

CODY JON + Charley – Dirty Dancing 

CODY JON and Charley have both individually made themselves known as some of Australia’s most exciting pop newcomers, so it only seems appropriate that they join forces for an addictive collaboration. ‘Dirty Dancing’ is a doo-woop inspired pop track with a modern twist. There is an Ariana Grande and Ruel feel to their delivery that helps makes this song so intoxicating from start to finish. And then don’t event get me started on the soothing harmonies that collide when they effortlessly intertwine with each other. Pure magic. 

The track explores a crush. That immediate and overpowering feeling when you are attracted to someone. Intertwining with some nostalgic 80’s references with the iconic movie favourite Dirty Dancing, they perfectly create that butterfly feeling that will have you exclaiming you’re falling in love. “Call you baby. I’m your Swayze. This ain’t just no glancin’. Bend you backwards, be the act of Dirty Dancing” they sing. It’s a song that you will have on repeat immediately, and rightfully so. It’s a hit waiting to be uncovered. 

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