WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Dayglow, WALTA, Darcie Haven, Tove Lo, Gorillaz & FLETCHER  

Dayglow – Then It All Goes Away

Dayglow is bringing the funk back to pop. With a colourful and synth led soundscape intertwined with lots of guitars, ‘Then It All Goes Away’ is a bold return for the Texas based singer, songwriter and producer. Taken from his forthcoming third studio album ‘People In Motion’ which will be released on October 7, he steps into this increasingly playful approach that was cemented on ‘Harmony House’. There’s a brightness to this song that is immediately infectious and will have you grooving along to its nostalgic tone. This is a smash hit, there’s no denying it. So it’s time to stan Dayglow, if you aren’t already that is. 


Just reading the lyric, “fuck you and your parents and their beach house”, you know that this song is going to be drenched in an early 2000’s nostalgic soundscape, and WALTA’s new track ‘SUCKER’ doesn’t disappoint in that department.Taking influence from the pop-punk resurgence that is taking over our airwaves at the moment there is a big Renforshort and Olivia Rodrigo vibe to this song with its playful attitude and approach that is met with an empowering sentiment. “You can have it all if you wanna. But don’t take me for a sucker” the Brisbane based singer-songwriter reaffirms as she holds her ground in a toxic situation and puts herself first. Following her debut single ‘Can We Be Friends?’, this track shows a different side to WALTA and heads listeners in an angsty fuelled direction that is rebellious and fun. 

Darcie Haven – Coping

Earlier this year Darcie Haven impressed tastemakers and listeners alike with her confessional alt-pop track ‘I Wanna Be’, and in-turn cemented herself as an artist you needed to keep your eyes on. ‘Coping’ is the next taste of whats to come from this Western Australia based singer-songwriter, and it’s a vulnerably charged pop track that will immediately hit you in the feels. It’s intimately penned with Darcie’s stunning vocals guiding you through the emotions. But the thing that really stands out is the vividly charged and honest lyrics. Here are our top 3 moments from the song;

1. “Got a lot of baggage for being kids our age. Sick of trying to learn how to let things change”.

2. “Let me tour through a museum of all my flaws”

3. “I can’t see much past this grief. Coping seems so out of reach”

Tove Lo – True Romance

Tove Lo is entering a new era in her life, and also as a musician. Her forthcoming fifth studio album ‘Dirt Femme’ will be released on October 21 through her own label, Pretty Swede Records, and marks a moment of taking control. This record is all about her relationship with femininity as a pansexual woman married to a straight man, and it couldn’t be a more important time for this record to come out in the world. Coinciding with the big album announcement she has dropped the new track ‘True Romance’. The stunning electronic infused ballad has this raw and intimate power behind it that will immediately trance listeners. The romantic ode is all about the all-in attitude of love, and how its you and them against the world, no matter what. “I don’t like the real world. It’s tough out in the real world. Let’s go back to our world” she vulnerably sings. The brooding ballad is quite the opposite to the glittery disco lead single ‘No One Dies From Love’, but that’s what I love about Tove, as you never totally know what you’re going to get. 

Gorillaz feat. Thundercat – Cracker Island

It’s been 12 years since the Gorillaz have been in Australia, but in 3 and a half weeks they will be back down under for a massive arena tour, as well as a coveted appearance at Splendour In The Grass. But before they touch down they’ve dropped a brand new song featuring twice-Grammy winner Thundercat. ‘Cracker Island’ is the beginning of a new era for the worlds biggest virtual band which will see them exploring cults and stan culture. “What world is this?” Thundercat questions in the bridge before they comment “They taught themselves to be a cult. They didn’t know its many strategies”. Upon the first listen there is a nostalgic essence to this song that is indescribably Gorillaz. It takes me back to watching Video Hits and Rage every weekend when ‘Feel Good Inc.’ dominated the charts. And honestly, ’Cracker Island’ is a new age anthem.

FLETCHER – Her Body Is Bible

It’s time to cue the queer screams because FLETCHER has confirmed that her debut album ‘Girl My Dreams’ will finally be released on September 16 (!!). Her vulnerably charged and banger-filled discography to-date has been a place of comfort for so many listeners over the years, and this album is shaping up to be a real moment in her journey. The lead single ‘Her Body Is Bible’ is a dreamy and honest track that hears her praising the feminine form, and comparing it to a form of religion. “Amen, oh, her body is Bible. The only Heaven that I know” she sings during the ethereal and anthemic edged chorus. It’s a freeing guitar led pop track that feels nostalgic whilst also feels very current with lyrics like “I like your T Swift T-shirt on the ground”. With the sold out status of her Brisbane and Melbourne shows on her debut Australian tour, the Sydney date is not far behind with only a handful of tickets left. So don’t miss out! 

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