WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP REVIEWS: Cub Sport, FKA Twigs, Maddie Zahm, Black Eyed Peas, Taka Perry + BOY SODA, Claud & Kat Edwards 

Cub Sport – Always Got The Love

Cub Sport are Australia’s answer to immaculate transcendent pop. With every release they manage to tap into this vulnerably raw, but sonically ethereal and rich soundscape where they immediately captivate you and leave you in awe. Following the release of their 2020 fourth studio album ‘LIKE NIRVANA’, the Brisbane pop four-piece have returned with one of their most glittery releases yet.

‘Always Got The Love’ truly feels like a queer religious experience. From start to finish they welcome you into this echoy disco-pop inspired world, soaked in pulsating beats and Tim Nelson’s airy vocals. It honestly feels like ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Hearts In Halves’ walked so ‘Always Got The Love’ could run. Centred around a romantic discourse, there is a euphoric element that drives the heartbeat of this song. “I was lying when I said I can’t love you anymore. Cause I wanna come on over. Hope you need a lover” Nelson sings.

FKA Twigs – killer

For a moment there was a long time in-between releases from FKA Twigs, but now it feels like she’s making up for lost time and giving listeners everything she has, and we couldn’t be happier. ‘killer’ is the beginning of a new era for the British singer-songwriter following the release of her mixtape ‘Caprisongs’ late last year. The shiny and sultry pop song heads back to where it all began for her with an earworm hook and a smooth RNB meets pop melody that finds a jolt in its delivery. “It’s dangerous to be a woman in love” she sings during the opening moments of the song as she details the process of love and how it manages to define you whatever way it works out. This is one of her most addictive releases, and joins the likes of ‘Two Weeks’, ‘Cellophane’ and the criminally underrated ‘Oh My Love’ in this status.

Maddie Zahm – You Might Not Like Her

Maddie Zahm has a way to rip your heart right open and mend it back together again in just three minutes. Earlier this year the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter released one of the most beautiful and important songs of the year, and on August 12 she’s going to finally give the world her debut EP ‘You Might Not Like Her’. In the meantime she’s also dropped the stunning title track that ties together the themes of the EP, and acts as a letter to her younger self. In parts it’s heartbreaking, and in other parts it’s reassuring and warm. “Someday, you’ll kiss a girl and you’ll panic. Some guy’ll break your heart and you’ll feel manic. Then you’ll learn to let people have their opinions. And talk about your traumas. And like the body you live in” she honestly sings. 

Maddie Zahm is an artist we need right now. Her vulnerability is comforting, and the way she’s delivering her truth is refreshing. If you need to cry, or just need to feel like someone understand’s and hears you, then have a listen to Maddie Zahm. 

Black Eyed Peas feat. Shakira + David Guetta – DON’T YOU WORRY

When I think of 2000’s game-changing musicians, one of the acts think of is the Black Eyed Peas. Finding an intersection between hip-hop and pop, this group heralded in a new sound and celebrated the “future” through their music. Their six time Grammy nominated album ‘The E.N.D’ was one of those special moments, and with the groups formation changing over time, I questioned if they would ever revisit that electronic-pop meets hip-hop infused sound again. But in 2022, it has. Collaborating again with David Guetta who was behind their hit tracks like ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and ‘Rock That Body’, they’ve reimagined that sound with the help of Latin-pop icon, Shakira, who they recently worked with on ‘Girl Like Me’. 

‘DON’T YOU WORRY’ is immediately full of nostalgia from the moment you press play. From the  pulsating dance beat, to the smooth pop hook, and intertwined with hip-hop elements, they take you back to 2009 where hiding away from ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and ‘Boom Boom Pow’ was not a choice. At its core the song also holds onto an inspirational pop feeling, with them reassuring listeners; “Don’t you worry bout a thing cause everything’s gonna be alright”. Shakira and BEP are again a match made in heaven, as there’s just something about her vocal tone that feels at home on their tracks. 


Taka Perry is one of Australia’s most impressive rising producers and songwriters. From having worked with Ruel, A.Girl, Sycco, and Cat & Calmell in the past, he’s inserting his dominant take on music not only behind the scenes, but also in the spotlight with his own project. Joining forces with one of Australia’s most promising singer, songwriter and producers BOY SODA, ‘LEMONADE’ is a wild ride from start to finish. “Don’t look too closely! Beauty is in the eye of the storm not the eye of the beholder, listen” BOY SODA says in the spoken intro before launching into a smooth RNB leaning verse. As they steer into the chorus there is a pulsating electronic breakdown led by this brooding darkness. It makes for one engaging and captivating listen. 

Claud – Go Home!

After wrapping up a run of shows with Phoebe Bridgers in the US, Claud is finally ready to give listeners new music. ‘Go Home!’ Follows last years standalone single ‘Tommy’ which acted as the first new music since their acclaimed debut album ‘Super Monster’. This new track is an instantly infectious two and a half minute reminder of why Claud topped tastemaker lists globally as an artist you need to get to know. Searching for that feeling of comfort that home brings for a lot of us, they reflect on feeling overwhelmed and needing immediate grounding from familiarity. “The feeling I’m getting when I’m second guessing is here. And you aren’t helping lessen the blow. I wanna go home” they sing. Contrasting these lyrics with an upbeat production, there is a warm comfort it radiates which is immediately reassuring. 

Kat Edwards – Best Bad News

Fresh from her trek across Australia with Gretta Ray, Kat Edwards is excited to announce the release of her debut EP ‘Best Bad News’ on August 12. Alongside this announcement, she has released the nostalgic tinged title track. With a HAIM reminiscent and groove-centred hook echoing immediately in your head, this track is her most pop focused release yet. With a light and playful production layered throughout, it perfectly contrasts the coming-of-age sentiment of casual dating. It’s that feeling of not knowing where it’s going to go, but being intrigued (and scared) of the immediate connection you have with someone. “Stop. How did I get so tongue tied?” She sings before questioning “why am I running when you’re the best bad news I’ve ever had”.

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