WEEKLY NEW MUSIC WRAP UP: Demi Lovato, Khalid, Tove Styrke, MOTHICA, WAAX, Ivey & Hugo Basclain 

Demi Lovato – Skin Of My Teeth

Demi Lovato has returned to their pop-punk roots for their forthcoming eighth studio album ‘HOLY FVCK,’ which will be released on August 19. ‘Skin Of My Teeth’ is the first taste of what’s to come, and it’s a fiery and angsty driven track that will immediately light a fire underneath you. With lyrics like; “I’m alive by the skin of my teeth. I survived, but it got harder to breathe”, this is a song all about redemption and strength as they take control of their narrative. This is the Demi I’ve been patiently waiting to re-emerge and they don’t disappoint with this explosive track. 

Khalid x Marshmello – Numb

Khalid is another artist who has returned to their roots, with a synth driven pop-RNB sound returning listeners back to the ‘American Teen’ days. For his new collaboration ‘Numb’ with Marshmello, he ushers in a summer sound with a dance twist to his signature sound. There is a thick dance beat that will immediately guide you to the dance floor, and have you immediately singing along to the infectious hook. One listen is purely not enough, and will have you hitting replay and enjoying the sonical fusion he’s delivered. 

Tove Styrke – Cool Me Down 

Last week Tove Styrke shared her fourth studio album ‘HARD’, but apparently that wasn’t enough for her because she’s dropped another little pop banger for us to obsess over. ‘Cool Me Down’ feels like the centre piece of the album, which is interesting as it wasn’t originally included on the record. It’s a song that glues her two distinct sounds together, with the synth pop and gritty guitar pop colliding effortlessly. Guided by a gritty guitar riff, the song builds with different vocal, synth, and guitar layers which give the song the interesting depth it needed. Alongside ‘YouYouYou’, these are some of Tove’s best releases, hands down. 


MOTHICA is coming in hot with her sophomore studio album ‘NOCTURNAL’ slated for a July 1 release. But before the album finally gets unveiled in its theatrical and dramatic entirety, she has dropped two new tracks, and one of them is the flawless ‘BEDTIME STORIES’. This is the pessimistic love song you have always expected and wanted from MOTHICA. The lyrical ideology is captivating, and she immediately draws you in with the vivid imagery. “Grew up so afraid of all these bedtime stories. Read them like a warning. Forever wasn’t for me. Til I met you” she sings during the electrifying hook. I listened to this snappy 2 minute song 5 times in a row, and every time was just as exhilarating and enjoyable as the time before. SO GOOD!

WAAX – Read Receipts 

WAAX are en-route to release their sophomore studio album ‘At Least I’m Free’ on August 5, and the Brisbane favourites have given another taste of what’s to come. ‘Read Receipts’ is a fiery rock track that is as punchy and in-your-face as the lead single ‘Most Hated Girl’, which ushered in this exciting new vision for the band. Written about being left of read, this very relatable and of-the-times track is a commentary on dating and the disappointment one person can leave another feeling. “Don’t leave me on read. Don’t leave me here. Don’t say we’re friends. Don’t leave me on read” lead singer Maz DeVita pleads during the powerful chorus. 

Ivey – Pretty Boys

Get ready to be obsessed! Gold Coast five piece Ivey are back with one of their most infectious releases yet. ‘Pretty Boys’ is an instantly captivating and punchy track driven by the slinky synths and pop production that oozes throughout the 3 minute duration. Reminiscent of Echosmith meets Hey Monday, they pack in this really polished pop sound that has a distinct rock foundation you know will come out in their future live shows. The empowering track is all about single girls living their best lives and getting rid of the stereotypes that only exist for them. “You’re not the only one who likes a little fun. Please reintroduce yourself” lead singer Millie confesses during the pulsating hook. 

Hugo Basclain – Drunk

Hugo Basclain is re-introducing himself to listeners after boldly removing his previous releases ‘Falling’ and ‘Fragility’ from streaming platforms. ‘Drunk’ is his first release following signing to Sony Music Australia, and hears him tapping into this intoxicating and intriguing soundscape that is in a similar vein to recent Blake Rose and Nick Jonas. Tapping the likes of Troye Sivan, The 1975, and Tate McRae as influences, there is a strong synth led production that contrasts his flawless falsetto that he effortless slips into. 

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