SINGLE REVIEW: Lindsey Lomis – save your breath

Lindsey Lomis wants you to know that she’s found her voice, and that she’s ready to be your next musical obsession. Her new single ‘save your breath’ is taken from the Nashville based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming EP ‘Daydreaming’ which will be released on August 19, and it’s an absolute BANGER.

Sonically reminiscent of Julia Michaels, the alt-pop track has this unique groove that pulsates throughout the near-three minute duration. The guitar led production inserts a funky pop beat that drives a summery feeling into the freeing track. It’s genuinely a song that feels liberating and confident. And it just feels like an enjoyable listen, which might seem redundant, but recently there has been so many pop songs that don’t feel that way when you press play. Whereas with this one you are immediately drawn into a good headspace.

The playful track is centred around the quirky rom-com scenario of approaching someone at a party that is super cute, and then having the full mystique of them ruined as soon as they open their mouth. There’s a fiery approach to her delivery that is playful, confident, and a little bit silly, which is what we love. “Pretty head but don’t use it that often. So we’ll run into trouble once you open your mouth” she sings before later professing “Save your breath. I don’t wanna hear it”. 

Set to open for Joshua Bassett later this year, Lindsey Lomis is truly about to become one of your favourite newcomers. So press play on ‘save your breath’ and skip the queue as you intimately get to know her before everyone you know is blasting this infectiously penned track.