SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – The Curse

Vera Blue first and foremost knows how to break our hearts and put them back together again. Her discography is full of emotionally fuelled electro-pop ballads that soar between catharsis and healing, and has played an important part in so many of her listeners grieving processes. With her forthcoming sophomore studio album slated for release later this year, she has returned with one of her grandest ballads yet. 

Sitting somewhere between ‘Mended’ and ‘First Week’, ‘The Curse’ is one of those breathtaking pop moments that reminds you why you love that particular artist. It’s a very quintessential Vera Blue track, and following her big synth-pop tracks she’s been releasing over the past couple of years, it’s a nice welcome to hear her stripping it back to that raw emotion again. Led by piano and a light electro pop beat, her angelic vocals soothingly glide over the top. The song gradually builds and becomes this euphoric understanding of the grieving process of something that never was. 

Unrequited love is a curse. It truly is. If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation then you will feel every lyric deeply as Vera’s vocals echo through you. “I shouldn’t punish myself. I saw a sign but clearly I read it wrong” she sings as she comes to terms with the fact that the other party doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. Looking towards the future she questions; “Shame, I thought we had so much to offer each other. Maybe in the future we will laugh about it”. 

I first heard ‘The Curse’ last year when she premiered it as a part of her ‘Everything Is Wonderful’ show with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra, and it particularly struck me with its beautiful lyricism and gorgeous instrumentation. And when you hear a song for the first time live before you hear the actual studio version it’s always a little scary for it to live up to the high expectations, but thankfully this song is pure magic. It transports you to a place of escapism, and you’ll be hooked upon the first listen. Thank you Vera Blue for always finding a way to mend our hearts.