SINGLE REVIEW: Alexander 23 – The Hardest Part

Alexander 23’ has already released two of my favourite songs of the year with ‘Crash’ and ‘Hate Me If It Helps’, and he’s now safely added a third to the list with the heartbreakingly beautiful ‘The Hardest Part’. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, this pop-rock ballad tackles the complexities of grief as he comes to terms with the fact that he’s never going to be able to talk to, or see someone again. No matter how close you were to someone, or when the last time you saw them was, if they played a part in your life it’s always going to be hard to say goodbye or imagine a world where they aren’t present physically anymore. 

Compressing those feelings into some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard, he sings; “I guess the hardest part of getting old is that some people that you love don’t”. It’s one of those brutal hard truths that take you aback and hit you right the chest. This whole song is a love letter to those people in our lives we’ve lost, and to the families and loved ones that share our grief in letting them go. So here are some of the special lyrical moments you will hear in this track;

– “I thought that everybody gets older, But I guess that’s not the case”

– “And the year is gonna get a lot colder, but you’ll always be stuck in June” 

– “Yeah, I cried when I read the last text that you sent. Cause I’ll never see those three dots there again” 

“My mom is friends with your mother. Catching up is never gonna be the same”

Beginning with keys, he atmospherically builds the production up with guitars and choral harmonies. It has a very spiritual feeling embedded that will have you feeling connected to the ones you’ve lost. From start to finish it is an immaculate pop song, and joins the likes of Coldplay who are the masters of creating special songs about grief that are universally relatable.