SINGLE REVIEW: Renforshort feat. Travis Barker – we’ll make this ok 

“We fight, we fuck, we kiss, we hug” renforshort boldly sings during the opening moments of her new single ‘we’ll make this ok’, and honestly there’s no other way she could’ve perfectly captured the emotions she needed to draw you in with for this particular track. 

Lifted from her debut album ‘Dear Amelia’, which will be finally released on July 8, ‘we’ll make this ok’ featuring Travis Barker excitingly captures the growth in songwriting and production which has been gradually building over time. Sitting next to recent singles ‘moshpit’ and ‘made for you’, she takes the polished aesthetic and pushes into this glitchy and angsty pop-rock element that has been prominent from the very beginning, with songs like ‘i drive me mad’ being a great reference point. The way the chorus is layered with the production is quite experimental and helps creates a very innovative listen. Building up to the final chorus, there is a very cathartic feeling to the way it exhales. 

The complementary lyrics match the production tone with her exploring a poisonous love where you find yourself addicted to the pain you cause each other. It’s playful and jarring. It’s freeing, and angsty. And it’s mostly importantly addictive. “One day we’re just like chloroform. Can’t breathe, can’t sleep but still want more” she sings.

‘we’ll make this ok’ is a song you won’t be able to get off repeat. It’s jarring, but in the best way possible. And hearing her collaborate with Travis Barker is a very special moment in its own right.