SINGLE REVIEW: Tyde Levi – Victoria

Since going independent, Tyde Levi has opened a new chapter in his musical journey that has allowed him to take control of the creative vision in its entirety. Last week he low-key shared the intimate ‘How Does She Understand Love So Well’ which hinted at the storyteller he wants to be as an artist. But the main spotlight is on ‘Victoria’ which embodies the singalong pop energy that has always been in his music prior while holding onto that strong songwriting. 

Co-written with G-FLIP, ‘Victoria’ is a love letter to the state where he now resides. Exploring the stages of finding his feet where he was living in-between Los Angeles and Perth at 16, and struggling with the identity of where actually felt like home, there was a longing for something stable. All we ever want while growing up is somewhere that feels safe, and feels like yours, and having a home base is really integral to that feeling. His family ended up moving to Melbourne, and it instantly felt like home to him. There was something about those first few weeks there that opened up his mind and creativity, while also creating really important friendships that cemented the feeling he was always chasing. He’s personified the state and captured that love rush he experienced when realising this is where he belongs. “Victoria, wanna run away? Cause I can’t find love in the darkest day. And it feels like I couldn’t find my place in the world” he sings. 

The indie pop production has this pulsating energy that drives the freeing emotional catharsis that this song captures. His smooth vocals trickle over the top with the infectious nature of the hook immediately getting stuck in your head. There is a real cinematic scope to the song that will have you imagining this song playing during a coming-of-age Netflix film. 

Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘YSML’, ‘Victoria’ is a strong new beginning for Tyde. It feel like he’s truly coming into his own as an artist, and this new EP will really show listeners where he wants to be.