SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Cyrus – Mr Percocet 

The road to Noah Cyrus’ debut album has been a long and winding one but ‘The Hardest Thing’ is finally being released on July 15, and it’s expected to be a vulnerable and intimate affair. Lead single ‘I Burned LA Down’ was a melodramatic slow burning country-pop song with Mumford And Sons energy. And now she’s dropped the follow-up single ‘Mr Percocet’ which continues that energy and intertwines dark foundations with an alt-country upbeat production. 

Reflecting on a toxic relationship where her partner’s addiction pulled them apart, she questions who she was actually in a relationship with and where he was when he wasn’t under the influence. The vivid imagery intertwined with the heavy emotions behind the lyricism will have you immediately brought into this grieving but reflective state. “I barely recognize you when you wake up in the morning. Must be someone else’s eyes that I look into every night. You’re only kind when you’rе all fucked up. You’re only mine till your high is gonе. But I wish you’d still love me when your drugs wear off in the morning” she honestly sings. 

Crooning over a mid tempo alt-country meets pop production, she highlights that vulnerable intimacy beautifully while complementing the dreamy reflective state of mind. It’s a song where one listen won’t be enough. You’ll want to continue to have it on repeat from the moment you press play, especially on a gloomy rainy day. 

‘Mr Percocet’ is a perfect slice of what is to come from Noah Cyrus; it’s a magical song with a raw and honest heart.