SINGLE REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – Automatic

Coming off her national sold out Boss Lady Tour, Jessica Mauboy has officially reaffirmed herself as Australia’s RNB-pop queen. After signing to Warner Music Australia last year, she opened a new chapter with the funky and glossy lead single ‘Glow’. Leaning into this confident sound, she previewed listeners with some unreleased tracks while on tour, and one of those songs was the vibrant ‘Automatic’. 

Produced by George Reid (AlunaGeorge) and co written with Cosmo’s Midnight and Aston, this song continues the funky exploration of ‘Glow’ and further pushes the Australian singer-songwriter into this confident new soundscape. There’s a retrospective disco element that shines through and gives this unique gloss which contrasts the distinctive funk vibe that comes in through the bass line. The chorus boldly pulsates and builds into this colourful explosion of energy that is infectious upon the very first listen. 

Exploring taking full reign in your life with the decisions you make, this song is all about having faith in your sense of direction and taking the drivers seat in all aspects of your life, hence all the car references. She confidently lets someone know to not take advantage of her and waste her time as she finally puts herself first. “I only got so much time, so don’t you be wasting mine, don’t you do it. If you’re fallin’ behind then you’re just messin’ my vibe. You can lose it” she assertively sings during the pre-chorus. 

‘Automatic’ is a strong reconfirmation of the artist that Jessica Mauboy wants to be. It’s a bold and mature track that holds onto her RNB roots, and brings her into the disco-pop resurgence of 2022.