SINGLE REVIEW: Edith feat. Taj Ralph – Falling Away

Last year Sydney based singer-songwriter Edith got on the radar of Australian tastemakers with her infectiously crafted single ‘Who Cares’ as well as becoming a triple j Unearthed High finalist. As she bounces into 2022 she has teamed up with Taj Ralph for a bop-worthy glimpse of what is to come. 

‘Falling Away’ is a coming of age moment for Edith that perfectly sums up where she is at mentally right now. Exploring feeling lost while at a crossroad, this song is all about change and the terrifying emotion of not knowing how that change is truly going to impact you. Noting leaving high school for a career in music as a big change in her life along with the expectations of what she should do from everyone around her, we can all relate to feeling those expectations in our own lives. Society constantly delivers this idealistic version of what your path and life should look like, and it’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone around you because of it. But we all have to remember that this is OUR life, and WE get to CHOOSE how WE live it. “I need some assistance. Much too tired to go the distance. I feel like I’m, I’m falling away” she honestly sings. 

Heading in a slightly heavier sonical direction compared to ‘Who Cares’ and ‘Sink’, Edith complements the angsty emotions of being confused and feeling lost with a pop-rock production that is bouncy and anthemic. Ready to be screamed along to in a mosh-pit at an upcoming gig, there is a cathartic feeling to the honest emotions captured. Highlighting her continuous artistic growth, ‘Falling Away’ reassures that she is someone that needs to be on your radar.