SINGLE REVIEW: Madeline The Person – MEAN! 

Madeline The Person has introduced herself to the world over the past year through two vividly charged EP’s, and now the third instalment ‘CHAPTER 3: The Burning’ is officially on its way. The alt-pop newcomer has a very intimate style of storytelling that is complimented by organic production, and her new single ‘MEAN!’ Is one of her boldest moments yet. 

Dedicated to anyone that has found themselves in a toxic relationship, friendship or situation, this song explores finding the confidence to stand up and put yourself first. It’s all about realising that someone’s words or actions doesn’t define you, and that you get to choose who you want in your life. If someone is killing your buzz, or putting you down to make themselves feel better, then you don’t need to keep them around. No one should ever be allowed to make you feel unworthy, or less than someone else. “You said I take too much space, half an inch from my face, and you meant it” she honestly sings during the opening moments of the song, before she later finds her confidence and proclaims “One thing I like about me is that I’m nothing like you and I never will be”.

Complimenting the confident lyrical exploration of taking control of your own narrative, and letting someone know that they don’t have power, she builds this sweeping guitar led production with atmospheric pop beats melodically gliding through. It’s a growth from her previous two EP’s, and hears her slightly pushing her sonic in a more pop leaning direction. 

‘MEAN!’ is an honest and important song that will help listeners stand up to that person in their lives who is not respecting them the way they deserve to be treated. Their words/actions don’t matter, they are just mean. Also the song is just an infectiously penned pop track that deserves to be added to your playlists ASAP.