SINGLE REVIEW: Blake Rose – Demon

Blake Rose is an artist whose honest approach to songwriting has quickly resonated with a global audience. One brief look at the Australian born and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter’s Spotify profile will have you impressed to say the least. With over 230 million combined streams across all platforms, he is a newcomer you definitely need to be across. 

‘Demon’ is an elevation of his alt-pop artistry to-date. With an experimentally charged and grunge inspired experimentation shining through the 2.45 minute duration, it takes elements of ‘Lost’, ‘Casanova’ and ‘Best Of Me’, and pushes his soundscape into this exciting new trajectory. With a groovy guitar riff leading the summery verses, there is a freshness that oozes through reminiscent of recent Harry Styles. As he reaches the chorus he inserts a new guitar riff with heavy drums for a powerful singalong moment. It’s a production structure that immediately makes you take notice, and will have that angsty refrain ringing in your head. 

We all know someone who makes you feel like you aren’t good enough. They project their insecurities onto you, and try to find something to hold over you to attain some power. But we all see through it, and you’re left wishing you never met them. “Oh god, it makes me nausеous that I even know your name. Wish I nеver said hello and I just walked away. Oh, I hope you find some solace in the money or the fame. Cause we all know you’re a demon with a pretty face” he honestly sings. 

‘Demon’ is one of Blake Rose’s most experimental releases yet, and from the very first listen you will be obsessed with this vivid direction.