SINGLE REVIEW: Yorke – Next Life 

Yorke is stepping into a confident new light where she feels like she’s truly found who she is as an artist and as a woman. The talented singer-songwriter invited listeners into her coming of age moments with her magical debut single ‘First Light’ and the anthemic following tracks ‘Thought I Could’, ‘Wake This City’ and ‘Gravity’. But now she is steering her sonic into an increasingly more cinematic and confident direction with the opening of a new chapter. 

‘Next Life’ may just be Yorke’s best release yet. It’s a song that pulls together all of the references from her discography to-date and finds this emotional euphoric explosion that is reminiscent of Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ album, with a bit of Vera Blue thrown in there too. The production has an experimental flair with the breakdown at the 2 minute mark, as well as the inclusion of the demo vocal at the end of the track. There is a unique grounding to the song that is created by that moment, and gives the listeners some intimacy amongst the cinematic flair of the rest of the track. 

Exploring the stages of grief, she begins in the devastating aftermath of a breakup where the other person walks out and leaves you trying to frantically pick up the pieces. “Left the key under the mat, just in case you’d ever, ever come back. Don’t know why I cancelled my plans. Staring at the door, hoping for a miracle” she sings as she explains the desperate emotions that plague your mind of hoping they will come back. But the reality of it is they’re probably not coming back and you need to move on. So she comes to that realisation and finds a euphoric way to embrace it in the giant chorus; “So I sit down and look into a crystal ball to see if we’ll be together at all . But all that I see is the part where you leave me behind. So I’ll see you in the next life”. 

This is a song about catharsis. It’s about stepping into a confident light where you can move on. And with the euphoric feeling of the song, you will be able to do that with her. 

Yorke Australian Tour Dates

Sunday 1 May – Golden Shores Festival – Gold Coast

Thursday 26 May – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne

Friday 27 May – Waywards – Sydney