LIVE REVIEW: DMA’S – Fortitude Music Hall

In 2020 DMA’s released their critically acclaimed third studio album ‘The Glow’, which saw them honing a pop-rock sonic that was destined to be heard in big venues. Packed with big singalong hooks, these tracks are anthemic at their core and have finally been taken on the road for their biggest run of headline shows yet. Closing out the tour in Brisbane at Fortitude Music Hall, the Sydney based trio delivered a sold out show with special guests The Riot, that celebrated this bold record with some old fan favourites intertwined. 

With the stage soaked in blue lights, the distortion of opening track ‘Never Before’ echoed through the venue as the band walked out to a giant roar from the crowd. With filtered visuals and live-feed footage projected on a huge LED screen behind them, they really elevated the production with a giant lighting rig set-up taking them to arena ready status. Powering through tracks like ‘The Glow’, ‘Dawning’, ‘Criminals’ and ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’, they just performed the tracks without interacting with the crowd. It wasn’t until before ‘In The Air’ that lead singer Tommy O’Dell finally exclaimed “Thank you, we’re DMA’s. It’s good to be back in Brisbane!”. There was a slight disconnect that felt half performance based with Oasis being clear idols to them, as well as a mix of nerves filtering through. 

In the second half of the set, they started interacting more with the crowd with a giant singalong ignited during ‘Silver’, as well as a never-ending outro of ‘Hello Girlfriend’ having a bit of a call-and-response moment. “Fuck yeah Brisbane. Thank you again” guitarist Johnny Took added as they wrapped up with ‘Delete’, ‘Play It Out’, and ‘Cobracaine’. But obviously that wasn’t the end. Walking back onstage, they performed their epic cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’ before properly closing the show with ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Feels Like 37’.

DMA’S are a very tight band that have honed their live show to sound just-as-crisp as their studio recordings, and have in-turn create this euphoric celebration of their music.

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Photos by Max Wenke