SINGLE REVIEW: Mallrat feat. Azealia Banks – Surprise Me 

Mallrat is finally getting ready to release her debut album ‘Butterfly Blue’ on May 13, and through the release of the singles ‘Rockstar’, ‘Your Love’ and ‘Teeth’, the Australian singer-songwriter has embraced a new confidence within herself. The self-assured tracks have this euphoric layering of freedom as she discovers who she is as a woman. Giving fans another taste of what is to come, ‘Surprise Me’ might just be one of the catchiest offerings yet.

Teaming up with Azealia Banks, she has further explored her sexual identity and personal growth with this hip-hop infused pop track. Paying homage to her early material, this track takes the foundations from her early EP’s and singles and brings them into a new light as she looks through a new lens. 

And Azealia Banks doesn’t hold back from giving us one of her best verses in years with so many quotable lines that will have you brought right back into Azealia szn. “I squirted on him like a squid, now he inky faced. He said my pussy tighter than Nicole Kidman’s face, yea” she quips. And then she signs off the track with “Yeah, A.B. and Mallrat. You bitches really all rats”, which I want printed on a t-shirt ASAP. 

 Are you excited for Mallrat’s debut album? Because with this strong lead up of singles, I definitely am.