SINGLE REVIEW: Lauren Spencer-Smith – Flowers

If you’ve ever found yourself in a toxic relationship then you would know how easy it is to make excuses for someone else’s behaviour. You get to a point where you are conditioned to believe their actions are the way you deserved to be treated. Everyone else can see through it but you, and it takes time and distance away from them to finally have that breakthrough. When you eventually get there, you see that you did deserve better, and that their “love” wasn’t really love. 

That personal breakthrough is what Lauren Spencer-Smith explores on her poignantly beautiful new single ‘Flowers’. The Canadian singer-songwriter has penned this emotionally fuelled track that intimately follows the viral breakout success of ‘Fingers Crossed’. Led by a simple piano arrangement and atmospheric pop production, her vocals beautifully glide over the top and drive the emotional intensity of this song. 

“I guess that flowers aren’t just used for big apologies. I guess I should’ve been more conscious how you spoke to me. Cause when we’d fight, you give me space and not communicate. And for a while, I thought that’s what I should appreciate” she vulnerably sings during the soaring chorus. But it’s the line, “young people fall for the wrong people, guess my one was you”, that will echo in your head for hours. 

Immediately hitting you in the chest, this song is one that will comfort anyone who has found themselves in a toxic relationship in the past, and might even help some people realise they are currently in a toxic relationship, and encourage them to leave. It’s a powerful song of reassurance, and a reclamation of power within yourself.