SINGLE REVIEW: Spacey Jane – It’s Been A Long Day 

Western Australia favourites Spacey Jane are rightfully taking on the world with a highly anticipated run of international dates after dominating the Australian touring market. Currently in the UK + EU for the entirety of April, the band will then take on North America in October and November and showcase why they’re currently one of Australia’s biggest bands. 

Their sophomore studio album ‘Here Comes Everybody’ will be released on 10 June via AWAL and hears them elevating their sound and vision as a band after the major success of their breakthrough debut ‘Sunlight’. Their new single ‘It’s Been A Long Day’ is one of the album’s strongest singles to date and will immediately give you the melodic reflection reminiscent of ‘Booster Seat’. 

Written pre-and-post a breakup that lead singer Caleb Harper experienced during the lockdown, this song captures the emotional intensity of learning to let something go. Holding onto the love he felt so intensely for so long, he realised through his own mental health struggles that he needed to let the person he loved most go. “And you don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to, I won’t hold you to that” he honestly sings. He also beautifully captures the monotonous feeling of depression that was especially felt during lockdown where creativity wasn’t as simple as it was prior and saw him lingering on his emotions even longer. “It’s been a long day and I don’t feel like talking. I feel like crying and eating something cold. What will I do tomorrow?”. 

‘It’s Been A Long Day’ is a special Spacey Jane song that will immediately connect with listeners and will have you eagerly anticipating the collective emotions you’re bound to experience on this next record.