SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Alex Sloan – I Blame The World 

Sasha Alex Sloan is ready to remind the world why she is the ultimate sad girl with the release of her sophomore studio album ‘I Blame The World’ out May 13. Deep introspection has kicked off this new chapter with the poignant ‘WTF’ which asked all the existential questions, and now she’s backing it by asking “what is the point” on her new single (and title track) ‘I Blame The World’. 

“Why fall in love if I fall out? Why get high if eventually everyone comes down? Why play the game if it ain’t fair? Why talk to God if I ain’t got any proof He’s even there?” she questions during the opening moments of this very honest song. These are all variants of questions we have definitely asked ourselves at one moment or another. It’s about being cautious of the pain you may feel again if you open yourself up, and it’s about dramatically putting yourself first to the point where you’re almost bubble wrapped. It’s a cynical outlook caused by trauma that is easy to get stuck in, but it’s about learning to understand where those thoughts come from and allow them to not hold you back. “Can’t see the good in all the bad. Can’t make me happy when I’m sad. I blame the world. I’m a glass-half-empty kinda girl” she sings. 

In classic Sasha Alex Sloan fashion she takes a humorous approach to her blunt attitude and has crafted this direct track that feels ultimately relatable. With an upbeat rhythmic production driving a pulsating energy, she will have you immediately singing along to her dark confessions. There is a unity that comes through the chorus that already has me imagining the ultimate moment this is going to create in her live show.