SINGLE REVIEW: Maggie Rogers – That’s Where I Am

Maggie Rogers has this natural ability to have you feeling understood. Her debut album ‘Heard It In A Past Life’ was a flawless exploration into the coming of age moments of your life. It was all about being connected with yourself and moving through the pain you may have once felt to find inner-peace with where you are at now in the world. After announcing she was taking a break at the end of 2019, she has finally returned with the news that her sophomore album ‘Surrender’ will be released on July 29. 

The first taste of the record comes in the form of the anthemic ‘That’s Where I Am’. The identity of this song lives within the surroundings of New York City, and from the opening synths you are drawn into this freeing soundscape. The romantic ode feels like it was born for a rom-com with its cathartic hook that embodies the moment where two lovers finally end up being together no matter the roadblocks that have held them apart up-to that point. With added guitars and drums, she elevates the sound you’ve been acquainted with from her in the past into this big joyful explosion of light. “It all works out in the end. Wherever you go, that’s whеre I am” she exclaims in the hook, and you truly believe her. 

The song is all about the romantic journey of two people who have known each other for a long time, but because of timing they weren’t able to be together until now. Confessing her love to them a long time ago, she had been waiting for them to be ready to step into that relationship. Now ready to come together, she fights through her insecurities that try to hold her back from feeling the warmth she always dreamed of. But at the end of the day, she knows that they’re the one because the feeling from when they first met has never changed. “No, I’ll never find another, no one else can do it better. When we’re together it feels like heaven. You’re the only one I ever wanted. All I ever really wanted was you” she sings. 

‘That’s Where I Am’ is a euphoric exploration of what’s to come from Maggie Rogers. It’s a song that welcomes her back into our lives with open arms as we prepare to sing and dance together again.