SINGLE REVIEW: Empress Of – Save Me 

Empress Of is ready to command your attention in 2022 with one of year’s best pop tracks. After the release of her third studio album ‘I’m Your Empress Of’, the Californian singer-songwriter has penned a track that re-introduces herself to listeners with a pulsating confidence that is equally intoxicating and exhilarating. 

‘Save Me’ is all about the intensity of lust. It’s a song that breathes in this sensual attitude that she hasn’t totally embraced this explicitly before in her artistry, but she immediately finds the rhythm and has the listener captivated by her seductive energy. With a lyrical urgency at the forefront, her delivery is immaculate as she sets the visual scene. “If you need me, baby, take me in the back of the room for the night” she sings during the pre-chorus. 

Through the use of live strings and slick synths, the lush production exudes the pure magic of this song. Beginning in this atmospherically dark and brooding space she entices the listener with her captivating vocal delivery before hitting them with this commanding string and beat production that comes out of nowhere and shifts the songs energy. Transforming into this big modern disco moment that will make Dua Lipa jealous, it’s something that feels so exciting every time you listen to it. 

‘Save Me’ is one of the best pop songs of the year to-date, and there’s no denying it. It’s an immaculate song that doesn’t hold back from giving you an incredible listening experience from start to finish. After one listen you will be obsessed, and rightfully so, that you will be hitting really on the 3 minute track over and over again.