SINGLE REVIEW: Bishop Briggs – High Water / Art Of Survival 

Bishop Briggs is opening a new and painful journey as she explores the complexities of grief through two very powerful singles. There is a duality to ‘High Water’ and ‘Art Of Survival’ as they represent two important parts of her story that addresses losing her sister last year to Ovarian Cancer. The heaviness of these songs are immediately felt, but there is also an empowering energy that shines through as she finds her voice and power to sing again. 

‘High Water’ is found in the deepness of grief. It’s the song about the initial pain of letting her go and needing to find the direction to go in without her. It’s heavy, but it’s needed. It’s a release of emotions that is equally cathartic as it is emotionally hard. But they contrast it with soft guitar at the beginning before building into a steady beat that allows her vocals to soar and be the main focus intertwined with the important lyrics. “And I hatе that I lost you when I’m not lost anymore. And I hate that I got to lеt go of what I adore” she emotionally sings. 

‘Art Of Survival’ then heads into signature Bishop Briggs territory with a fiery and empowering  track that is all about the next stage in grief which sees her picking herself up again. The inspirational track explores the doubts she had intertwined with the mantras that she needs to keep fighting and be present in the world even though the darkness is suffocating. “Afraid that you can’t climb higher. Scared that you’re gonna fall. Every time the road gets harder. The Art of Survival” she sings before proclaiming “maybe I was, maybe I was born a fighter”. 

The dominative production is intoxicating and will light a fire underneath you. It’s a song that provides an important contrast to ‘High Water’ as they work so beautifully hand in hand.