SINGLE REVIEW: Harry Styles – As It Was

Harry Styles is THE moment, but let’s be real, we already knew that. His third studio album ‘Harry’s House’ will be released on May 20, and we already couldn’t be more excited for the British singer-songwriter to break our hearts and put them back together again. The first teaser of the record comes in the form of ‘As It Was’, a punchy 2.47 minute track that feels like signature Harry Styles. 

With a dominative guitar riff and whirling synths leading the production, his vocals slick over the top with such ease. We find him in a slight talk-singing delivery during the verses before giving us those angelic Harry Styles melodies in the chorus. It’s a slow build pop track that will probably take you a few listens to fall in love with. But this has been the formula for all of his lead singles, so we shouldn’t be surprised at all. 

Reflecting on perspective, this track is all about the different sides of one situation. It’s how we can look at the same thing so differently and also feel so differently. “In this world, it’s just us. You know it’s not the same as it was”. There is a lot of contrast used within this song to mask the deep and heavy reflection with an up-tempo energy that is quite pop friendly, which again is another form of perspective.