SINGLE REVIEW: Alexander 23 – Crash 

Alexander 23 has always been an incredible songwriter – it was one of the first things you were drawn to when we were first introduced to him in 2019. But over the past three years the American singer-songwriter has leaned further into his vulnerability, and has been currently hitting his stride with a deep confessional and freeing exploration of his emotions. Recent single ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ is undoubtedly one 2022’s most immaculate pop tracks yet, like think ‘Drivers License’ perfect. And now he’s ready to continue that sad boy euphoria with a song that is equally as magical. 

‘Crash’ is the break-up song we all need in our lives as the reminder of why you broke up in the first place. It’s so easy to miss the good parts of the relationship that made you fall in love, while making it simultaneously easy to forget the horrible things that saw you not being able to coexist. Sometimes we all just need to be reigned in from those wandering thoughts that make it easy to loop back to the beginning, and that’s what this song explores. “I miss you but I don’t miss us. Cause apart we’re great, but together we suck” he poignantly confesses in the anthemic hook. But we are all human and we will always have moments where we think about those people from our past and wonder how they are doing, and he captures those questions too; “Have you been good? Have you been well? Have you found peace within yourself?”. 

Following in a similar soundscape to ‘Hate Me If It Helps’, this track has a really dramatic pop-rock twist that leans into the live element of his music. It’s punchy and direct, and doesn’t stray from making you feel emotional and empowered at the same time. Alexander 23 is truly making some of the best music in his career right now and it’s so exciting to watch it unfold because these songs are going to become special anthems in so many different people’s lives because of how universally relatable they are.