SINGLE REVIEW: GG Magree – Deja Reve

GG Magree is ready to welcome you into a dark and electrifying world with her new single. The Australian raised and now Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and producer is about to play Coachella, and she’s ready to bring the heat on her forthcoming EP ‘Dichotomy’. 

‘Deja Reve’ can only be best described as the ultimate villain origin track. Heavily cemented in main character energy, the production behind this track is electrifying and dominative. Beginning with scratchy synths she immediately brings you into this dark and mysterious world while her light vocals reminiscent of Halsey provide a distinct contrast. As the chorus hits, she provides the biggest punch of all with grungy electric guitar which gives the song the elevated attitude it needed.

Sonically inspired by the horror film ‘Hostel’, this track is all about re-experiencing a dream you had, but fully awake. It’s something that actually happens quite a lot in people’s lives, and often they get scared from it but GG actually finds it beautiful as it means you are more connected with yourself than you think. “I’ll let you drag me to hell, if you’ll hold my hand. Tell me this Is real, and it will never end” she sings.

‘Deja Reve’ is a song made to strut your way down the street with a confident “fuck you” and bad ass attitude in check. It’s also a song that belong on the main stage of the Boulet Brothers Dragula with its production really leaning itself to the drag world.