SINGLE REVIEW: Barley Passable – On & On & On 

It may not be summer anymore in Australia, but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep dancing the nights away. Barley Passable are here to remind us all of that with their electrifying new banger, ‘On & On & On’ which will immediately captivate you with its earworm hook and ridiculously high energy. 

Sonically found somewhere between The Presets, PNAU, and Everything Everything, the Sydney based duo have created this bouncy festival ready electronic-pop sound. Not relying on generic drops, the production feels nostalgic while also leaning on a futuristic element. With a distinct guitar riff driving the production, they add bold synths and samples on top to build this engaging listen from start to finish. 

Sometimes we all just need to escape our heads when things get a little too heavy. Everyone has a different coping mechanism, some, like myself, like to throw ourselves into our work, some like to run away by travelling, and others like to go out and get ridiculously drunk to try forget what’s going on. And on this track Barley Passable get a rude reminder that going out to get ridiculously drunk is just as bad, and damaging, as throwing yourself into your work. They are all not great coping mechanisms, as they are temporary fixes. “Slowly, we can feel the trouble coming on. Only we can go like this for, go like this forever” they sing. 

‘On & On & On’ is a banger. There’s no denying it. Try put it on and not groove along, I dare you.