ALBUM WRAP UPS: Charli XCX, Rex Orange County & Rosalia

Charli XCX – CRASH

Charli XCX is ready to crash into our lives with one of her most infectious body of works yet. Her poignantly titled fifth studio album ‘CRASH’ is a magnetic pop affair that feels like the love child of ‘Sucker’ and ‘Charli’. Sonically found somewhere between her commercial pop and hyper-pop influences, she brings to life this groove driven soundscape that is still experimentally charged and feels innovative with its perspective.

Opening with the chaotic title track ‘Crash’, she immediately captivates you with the in-your-face hook and the funky guitar riffs that welcome live instrumentation back into her music. ‘New Shapes’ featuring Caroline Polachek and Christine And The Queens is an underrated anthem that truly sets the tone of the direction for the record. ‘Constant Repeat’, ‘Move Me’ and ‘Lightning’ impress with their rhythmic delivery, while ‘Yuck’ completely steals the show. “Yuck, now you got me blushin’, cheeks so red when the blood starts rushing. Yuck, that boy’s so mushy, sending me flowers, I’m just tryna get lucky” she sings during the infectious chorus. The loved-up track has hit written all over it, and following some of the questionable single choices (‘Beg For You’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Every Rule’), it shocks me that we had to wait until album release to find out it exists. 

‘CRASH’ is the Charli XCX record I had been waiting years for. And maybe we will finally see the return of her live band as she steers towards her world tour as this record would really complement that side of her artistry again. But truly, from start to finish, this is a very good pop album. 

Must Listen Tracks: ‘Crash’, ‘Yuck’, ‘Constant Repeat’, ‘Lightning’

Rex Orange County – WHO CARES?

The ideology of the phrase “who cares” is the perfect reminder we all need in our lives. It’s so easy to get swept up in the thoughts of what others think about you, but all we need to do is ground ourselves and remember “who cares?”. And that’s what Rex Orange County has held onto for his fourth studio album. The harmonious eleven track collection hears the English singer-songwriter exploring the stages of grief, working through mental health, and finding a happiness in where is in the world. 

Through the use of sweeping strings, the record has a cinematic flair that immediately captivates the listener and welcomes them into this engaging world of reflection. But he manages to intertwine this beautiful approach with a bouncy modern indie-pop perspective that also draws on hip-hop influences. Lead single and opening track ‘KEEP IT UP’ is the perfect example of the albums tone as he sets this hopeful outlook during a dark period that could have left him wallowing in sadness. He looks to new opportunities on album highlight ‘OPEN A WINDOW’ with Tyler, The Creator, falls in love on the euphoric ‘AMAZING’, and serenades a love interest on ‘ONE IN A MILLION’. But it’s not all sunny days, as there are some moments of cynicism like ‘WORTH IT’ that hears him proclaiming; “It’s not worth it anymore, I feel insane. And I’m not sure why things change”.

‘WHO CARES?’ Is a cohesive and poignant listen from start to finish. The dreamy indie-pop collection of tracks sweeps the listener away for 35 minutes, and will have you quickly restarting it to re-enter the happy state of mind it welcomes you into. And honestly, with the way the world has been, pop escapism is what we all need.


For full Australian tour dates and details visit HERE


ROSALIA is taking her rightful place in the spotlight worldwide with her third studio ‘MOTOMAMI’. For the past five years the Spanish singer-songwriter has been impressing with her energetic and flawlessly executed live performances. Everything about them is intoxicating, and you will find yourself drawn not only by her seductive moves, but also by her powerhouse vocal delivery. It’s been four years between albums thanks to the ongoing global pandemic that altered release plans, and halted extensive touring. But this new record feels like a bold introduction to the world as she takes a giant step into the commercial world with her strongest body of work yet. 

Intertwining bouncy dance beats, a whole lot attitude, and raw vulnerability, this record is a vivid and immersive journey. Captivating the listener with the gritty and dark tones of opening track ‘SAOKO’ she sets the tone with a string of bangers like ‘CANDY’, ‘CHICKEN TERIYAKI’, ‘BIZOCHITO’ and ‘CUUUUuuuuuute’ following suit. With her live show in mind, you will be imagining the incredible ways she will translate the record through choreography and visuals. But then she strips it all back and highlights the heartbreak element of the record with ‘HENTAI’ and ‘SAKURA’ creating the ultimate powerhouse moments. It’s also in these tracks that you will find yourself really taken aback by the raw power and control behind her vocals. 

‘MOTOMAMI’ is a flawless Spanish-pop record that will win over anyone that listens to it. That’s it. That’s all I can say.