SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Alex Sloan – WTF

Sasha Alex Sloan is the ultimate sad girl. I mean after all, she’s built a whole brand around it. Through her use of candid vulnerability and humorous sarcasm, she’s allowed people to process their own emotions and be proud of the feelings we need to process without feeling shamed for expressing them. Her introductory EP’s ‘sad girl’, ‘Loser’, and ‘Self Portrait’ laid those honest foundations, while her debut album ‘Only Child’ spotlighted hope, love, and the processing of becoming an adult. It wasn’t technically the debut album she thought she’d write, but it was the most authentic for where she was in that moment. 

After a year off from releasing her own music, the Nashville based singer-songwriter has returned with the announcement that her sophomore record ‘I Blame The World’ will be released on May 13. After trying to write a folk record, she scrapped it all and started writing about her frustration with the world and depression. And if the lead single ‘WTF’ and any of the snippets she’s shared on TikTok of ‘Live Laugh Love’ or title track ‘I Blame The World’ are anything to go by, then the end result is going to be a dark and poignantly humorous affair. 

‘WTF’ is a classic Sasha Alex Sloan track. It’s a song that embodies the honest darkness that clouds our heads with a satirical twist, similar to her previous tracks ‘Is It Just Me?’ And ‘Santa’s Real’. Questioning the point to life could be quite a grim way to kick off an album campaign, but she manages to make it a digestible thought that is less aggressive, and more comforting to know you aren’t alone in sharing these thoughts. Opening with the lyrics “Sometimes, I got a hard time seein’ the point to existin. Am I here for a reason or ’cause my parents were drinkin’?”, she sets the tone before questioning; “Same shit, different year, til I disappear. What the fuck am I doin’ here?”. 

Beginning with her signature dreamy vocals and a light guitar riff, she builds the sonic by adding in drums and layered guitars that encourages the listener to singalong, and maybe say these thoughts they’ve also questioned out loud for the first ever time. 

‘WTF’ is a strong lead single that welcomes listeners back into Sasha Alex Sloan’s pessimistic world. And it’s one that we can’t wait to live in again this year with her forthcoming release of ‘I Blame The World’. 

Sasha Alex Sloan Australian Tour supporting LANY

Friday 20 May – HBF Stadium, Perth
Sunday 22 May – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Wednesday 25 May – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Friday 27 May – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
Sunday 29 May – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane

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