MUNA are ready to have you crying on the dance floor with their self-titled third studio album slated for a June 24 release. The Los Angeles trio have been able to magically intertwine raw  vulnerability with heavy synth production, while candidly detailing their queer experience. Their discography is already immaculate, and their third studio album will see them adding 11 shiny new gems to the mix. 

Lead single ‘Silk Chiffon’ featuring Phoebe Bridgers was a lush pop track they hoped kids could have their first gay kiss too, and honestly that is what every artist should strive for when making music. And now they’ve released the empowering and confident break-up single ‘Anything But Me’, which has an important sentiment embedded you may just need to sing to your ex. 

Detailing a relationship where everything just felt wrong, they realised they were in a toxic situation and needed to get out. But it’s not that easy to get out of a relationship, so they wrote a song that was all about letting go and staying strong in the moments where you do feel like you could give into temptation. It’s a reminder that they weren’t the one, and that they left you feeling disappointed in yourself. “You’re gonna say I asked for the moon, I think it’s you with your head in the sky. All that I wanted was somebody honest, living for more than their next good time” lead vocalist Katie Gavin sings before proclaiming “But it’s all love and it’s no rеgrets, you can call me if there’s anything you need. Anything, anything but me”. 

Complimenting the empowering sentiment with a pulsating synth led production with groovy guitar and drums, it’s sonically reminiscent of Shania Twain meets The Corrs, and that is honestly everything my 2000’s queer heart needs. It’s immediately confident and keeps this high energy throughout the entire 3 and a half minute duration. It’s also just a banger. It’s super catchy, and I’m just going to have it on repeat until they give us another snack (song).