SINGLE REVIEW: Lola Scott – DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete) 

When you have a long history of toxic relationships it’s hard to see the red flags when you’re so deep in the situation. But when you finally get out and eventually meet someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, then it’s a big glass shattering moment. You’re almost stunned by the idea that you can be treated with such care and love after being starved for so long. Looking back at all the time wasted, and all the tears shed, you wish you could just ctrl+alt+delete on your past and start fresh. And that is the sentiment Lola Scott explores on her playfully honest new single, ’DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete)’. 

The Sydney based singer-songwriter isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, and doesn’t hold back to shame the way she was treated in the past. Admitting that she’s fallen in love with someone new who has shown her the way she is meant to feel in a relationship, she finally finds her worth. “After three years think he’d know my coffee order, only talking for a week and now you’re my favourite author. I got guys as friends and you wouldn’t mind that. Go out all night and he never liked that” she sings before proclaiming “I hit save on you & me. I can delete my history. No, no, no, no. Ctrl alt delete I won’t repeat my history”. And that’s the level of sass we all need to sprinkle in our lives. 

Following her recent signing to AWAL and Dew Process Publishing/Kobalt, Lola Scott takes her alt-pop sound and ushers it into a new chapter. With more polish and personality layered throughout the track, she has created an experimental pop listen from start to finish. With little sound and vocal samples edited throughout, there is a distinct groove intertwined with a slinky pop polish similar to BENEE that will have you ready to singalong immediately.