SINGLE REVIEW: Beks feat. Lucy Neville – Make Believe

Boldly asserting herself in the pop world, Beks has given listeners a sugary taste of her artistry with  the introductory singles ‘Crush’, ‘The Thing About Us’ and ‘Devoted’. The Brisbane based singer-songwriter has just signed with Wise Music Publishing, and is ready to continue her pop exploration as she excitingly steps into this new chapter. 

‘Make Believe’ hears Beks teaming up with Sydney based singer-songwriter and influencer Lucy Neville for her most vulnerable moment yet. Reflecting on the impact of losing the person they thought was the “love of their life”, they capture the grief in its raw vulnerability. But through the grief they discovered who they really were, and that they actually deserve better. And through that realisation comes the empowering statement; “you make me believe, in only make believe”. And ooooft, if you’ve ever been in a similar experience then that line will feel like glass shattering to you. 

Produced by Jim Elliot who has worked with the likes of Ellie Goulding (‘Anything Could Happen’) and Kylie Minogue (‘All Of The Lovers’ and ‘2 Hearts’), he compliments the lyrical vulnerability with an ethereal pop production. Beginning with a light and dreamy aesthetic, Beks’ vocals echo while Lucy Neville harmonises in the chorus with her signature tone. As they enter the second verse a pulsating synth is added which drives a new and hopeful energy that represents the realisation that they both deserve better. 

‘Make Believe’ is a very different offering from Beks compared to her previous releases, but it’s an exciting one that shows a depth in her creativity. Growing on you with every listen, it’s a song that will get stuck in your head with its dreamy aesthetic, and cinematic hook.