PREMIERE: Paulina – Nobody

Paulina has found her happiness within, and she’s ready to share it with the world through her beautifully penned new single, ‘Nobody’. Over the past 2 years, the 17 year old Brisbane based singer-songwriter has been introducing herself to listeners through the release of a confident string of singles, as well as a few electronic collaborations with ampir3, BTWRKS & X-Ray, and even a remix of her single ‘MINDGAMES’ by JYRYMY which has exceeded 870k streams on Spotify alone. 

But following the folk inspired trajectory of recent singles ‘Parasite’ and ‘lonely drives’, she has found a further confidence through songwriting which is brilliantly showcased on ‘Nobody’. Exploring the happiness that can be found within, she dives into the envy and frustration that other people have of individuals who find true happiness for themselves. I think it’s safe to say that we have all been in a situation where we’ve looked at someone else and envied how they have portrayed themselves. Envy is a normal emotion and it’s apart of the human condition, so it’s okay to look at someone else and feeling cynical, and Paulina beautifully captures that honesty. “It feels like I’m flying, nobody believes me” she intimately sings. 

Complimenting the positive messaging, it was actually written on a day that held a lot of freedom and happiness in her coming-of-age experience. “The first that I went into the studio with Luke Jenkins and Tim Bettinson, was the same day that I got my P Plates! I literally went and did my test, passed (luckily haha), grabbed a coffee afterwards, and headed straight into the studio and started working on ‘Nobody’! So, from the beginning we’ve named the song ‘P Plates’, and it’s been a running joke we’ve had for literal months. So much so that every mix, master, photo, or video we’ve got for this project is named that. I was literally so close to actually calling the song ‘P Plates’, but thought I’d maybe save that for another tune.” reveals to

Beginning with just an acoustic guitar her angelic vocals glisten over the top. There is an ethereal power to her vocals that immediately captivates the listener, and is reminiscent to the soothing delivery of Vera Blue. Adding dark synths throughout the second verse, she adds another layer to the song that doesn’t overpower the empowering nature but just compliments the conflicting thoughts associated with the songs theme. are excited to exclusively premiere ‘Nobody’ ahead of its Friday March 17 release. You can listen to the song BELOW;