SINGLE REVIEW: Mothica – Sensitive 

I always explain to people that I am an extroverted introvert. I have a big personality and can be incredibly extroverted, but inside there is this really sensitive and anxious person breaking through. On Mothica’s new single she delivers this distinctive heavy contrast of confident rock production with the intimate confessions of her anxieties. It delivers a prominent representation to those feelings, and if you can relate in anyway then ‘Sensitive’ will become your angsty life anthem. 

Every lyric in this song feels like it was ripped out of my inner monologue. To the point where I was laughing at some of them because I was like “oh wow, she really feels this way too”, and that’s the sort of connection that excites me through music. “I’m anxious, so cautious, I’m easily nauseous. I wish I could care less, but I just care too much” she sings, and when I say I felt that… I FELT THAT. 

Metaphorically representing the concept of the song through the music video with spiky make up to represent a puffer-fish who inflates when they’re scared, there is a lot of thought that has gone into the execution. So much so that I feel like the production is also a metaphor for the meaning of the song. Because lyrically it is vulnerable as she intimately details her thoughts, but then she hides it behind this brash rock infused production that is bold and distracting. 

When you suffer from anxiety it’s so easy to feel alone, and it’s so easy to feel like you are the only one feeling this dramatic and sensitive. But the reality is you’re not that special. When you hear a song like ‘Sensitive’ and discover an honest artist like Mothica, it’s actually really comforting as you realise you aren’t by yourself in processing your thoughts. And sometimes you just need a big anthem to help you process your thoughts.