SINGLE REVIEW: Zheani – Designer Sadness

Zheani is preparing the release of her new EP ‘I HATE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET’ which is slated for a March 23 release, and in the lead-up she’s dropped one of her catchiest tracks yet. ‘Designer Sadness’ was first teased at her debut live showcase at The Outpost last year in Brisbane, and ever since then the chorus has lived rent free in my head. Luckily for everyone, they can now discover the addictive energy behind this track, and be equally obsessed with it as I am.

The Australian singer, songwriter and producer has cemented her place on the global stage with her electrifying and genre defying discography. Gaining early comparisons to Alice Glass, she has quickly built a passionate fanbase that have supported her emotional personal journey, alongside her experimental artistic discovery. 

This track melds together witch-house, hyper-pop and heavy metal influences together with a pop sensibility in her songwriting that helps make the chorus hit as hard as it does. Acting as a commentary about how corporate marketing forces insecurities onto consumers, there is playful tone that contrasts the darker concept. “We’re brokenhearted in designer, ripped up stockings. In Demonia, ballerina, you broken ballerina. She cries a whole river, fairy lost her wings yeah. Her tears of eyeliner, look pretty when they splash her” she sings. 

‘Designer Sadness’ is a track that will immediately win you over, and welcomes new listeners into the dark and experimental world that her new EP ‘I HATE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET’ lives within.