SINGLE REVIEW: Lexi Jayde – hate to be you 

After the viral TikTok success of ‘drunk text me’, Lexi Jayde has returned with an equally strong pop track that proves she is a breakthrough artist you NEED to keep an eye on. ‘hate to be you’ is the sassy break-up song that thematically follows the emotionally fuelled confession of ‘drunk text me’. It’s the next step in process of grieving a breakup, and hears her confessing that they fucked up by cheating on her. And if you’re currently going through a similar situation, just know that we don’t return to cheaters in this musical church! Let. Them. Go. 

Setting the scene with the opening verse, she details the promises they broke in the most devastating way. “You promised me that you’d marry me, and we’d have a house in the hills, with five kids and a dog. If that was true then why’d you sleep with my fucking best friend, and lied to me and your mom?” She sings. But before she can go down the self-deprecating path of not feeling like she’s enough, she gives a confident and sassy spin and proclaims that she wouldn’t want to be them because they are the one that fucked up and is going to be filled with regret. And ain’t that the truth! “I’d hate to be you, cause I’ll get over it, but you have to live with the hell you put me through”.

Painting a country-pop soundscape reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves meets Maisie Peters and Taylor Swift, there is the confessional feel to the track that makes you feel like every word she is saying is fact, and there’s no alternative feeling allowed to be had. It’s infectious, confident, and playful, while also having a distinct emotional layer of vulnerability present. 

I think Lexi Jayde may just have another viral track on her hands.