Every now and then you hear a song that just feels extra special, and HANNI’s new single following her recent signing to Dew Process is one of those rare pop moments. Sonically found somewhere between Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ and the likes of Chelsea Cutler and Gracie Abrams, ‘Undermine’ takes you on an emotional rollercoaster from the very opening line.

“I got plans, but I don’t think I see you in them” the Brisbane based singer-songwriter sings as she sets the tone for the cathartic exploration. Exploring the complexities of a relationship where she felt like he was holding her back and not allowing her to be completely herself, she decides to put herself first and say goodbye to the anxiety that was attached to it. “I’m fighting, fighting, fighting you off. And it’s not that you weren’t enough. But I’m changing. There’s not saving this” she admits before adding “Cause you just don’t light me up, like you used to. I got used to you”. Ugh… if you have ever been there personally, then those lyrics will hit you deep, and will have a special catharsis while you scream them out loud. 

Beginning with moody pop production and simple piano chords, HANNI sings through the painfully emotional verses as she says goodbye to a relationship that once made her happy, but now has just left her feeling like she was touching a ceiling that didn’t need to be there. As she steers towards the chorus, the song switches gears and ignites a chant-worthy hook. The cathartic release of emotions has this anthemic bounce that celebrates HANNI putting herself first and being able to acknowledge that she deserves better. It’s one of the best pop choruses I’ve heard in years, and will have you crying on the dance floor as you say goodbye to the dead-weight in your life you’re finally ready to let go of. 

Following a string of introductory singles, this is HANNI’s most confident release yet. It’s a bold, empowering, and anthemically charged track you won’t want to take off replay. So whatcha waiting for?