SINGLE REVIEW: Superorganism feat. CHAI & Pi Ja Ma – Teenager

It’s been a long time in-between boogies with Superorganism, but the indie-pop collective are finally back and have a lot of new music on the way. Their sophomore record ‘World Wide Pop’ is slated for a July 15 release, and to get you hyped they’ve also dropped their new single ‘Teenager’ featuring CHAI and Pi Ja Ma. 

Immediately returning to the experimental indie-pop roots that their 2018 self-titled debut laid down, they create this chaotic fusion of sound that on paper shouldn’t work, but it’s just so addictive. There are so many layers sonically that help creates a unique listening experience where you begin to notice different things every time. They weave in this ridiculously catchy hook that begins with a slight whiny tone, before then switching it up with this slowed down reverb that intertwines perfectly with the pulsating pop beat that creates this punk energy. 

Reflecting on the formative years of being a teenager, they capture what it’s like to live in that carefree headspace where you do whatever you want. Everything seems exciting at the time, and you’re just living each day to experience new things. “I’m growing up and oh it feels so great” they sing during the infectious chorus.

Sonically it’s a song that is all over the place, and that’s what I love about Superorganism as they continue to push the mould. They are a band who are so exciting to me. I remember being genuinely so excited to hear each single in the lead up to their debut, and being so curious to how they were going to continue evolving. And now, 4 years later, they have me feeling the same way all over again.