SINGLE REVIEW: Zoe A’dore – Read

Are you over using dating apps? Are you being preyed upon by gas lighters? Are you constantly receiving mixed messages? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, then rising queer pop artist Zoe A’dore has THE anthem for you.

‘Read’ is a sassy, playful and honest pop track that tells you exactly what you need to do when anyone inserts a little inconvenience into your life… you gotta leave them on read. It’s a piece of advice which is easier said than done, and if your kink is red flags like myself then you will probably scream about how this song is your anthem, and still continue to message them. “That’s why I left you on read. No I just can’t be your friend. Don’t keep me guessing” she sings during the bouncy chorus. 

There is an empowering confidence embedded within this track that immediately radiates through. It hears the Melbourne based singer-songwriter continuing her pop journey from the pulsating synth banger ‘Innocent’ but with a glittery spin. Following the chant-worthy hook of its predecessor, ‘Read’ is a dance floor anthem waiting to be unleashed. It’s a song for the girlies, gays, and they’s that will have you yelling at each other to stop entertaining that person and finally put yourself first and leave them on read. At the end of the day that is what this playful pop song is all about. It’s about respecting yourself, and appreciating your time.