SINGLE REVIEW: Meg Mac – Is It Worth Being Sad 

“Is it worth being sad about it?” is the ultimate rhetorical question we all find ourselves asking more often than we probably want to admit it. But it’s a part of being human, and it’s a part of of feeling things so physically, which is truly a beautiful thing. Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac has addressed that sentiment in her powerful new song poignantly titled ‘Is It Worth Being Sad’. 

Marking the first new music we’ve heard from her since 2019, this track defines the beginning of a new chapter for Meg Mac. Produced by The Donuts who have worked on the likes of Kendrick Lamar and H.E.R, they hone this elevated and soulfully charged dark-pop sound that has always laid within her music. There is a natural power and anthemic feeling that radiates through this track which will hook you in from the very first listen. 

Escaping the city and running away to the country, she took some time to really sit with her feelings and process all of the emotions. “Was it worth being sad about? Heard a whisper and then I heard the shout. Well, it’s all over now. So is it worth being sad about?” she sings before admitting “Tell me how it’s feeling without me now. Tell me that you’re doing fine. I’m holding onto all my tears. Cause in the end, they led me here”. 

This is truly a very bold reintroduction to who Meg Mac is as an artist. Opening a new chapter, expect to her a lot more powerful new music from her soon.