SINGLE REVIEW: Ball Park Music – Stars In My Eyes

Ball Park Music always seems to have a new album up their sleeve, and their seventh studio album ‘Weirder & Weirder’ will continue the good vibes on June 3. Following on from their self-titled body of work which dropped in 2020, their hook writing and anthemic production couldn’t be stronger than it is right now. New single ‘Stars In My Eyes’ is the second taste of the new album, and they don’t hold back with a three and half minute journey track that will get stuck in your head.

Beginning light and minimalistic with guitars leading the way intertwined with Sam Cromack’s dreamy vocal delivery, they guide the listener through this authentically charged build up. Adding drums and harmonies at the 1:20 time-stamp, they then steer towards a production shift with the introduction of keys, synths and heavier drums and guitars which creates this anthemic sonical explosion. It’s a moment you immediately know will become a highlight in their live show. 

Complimenting the two distinct sonical sides of the track, lyrically the first half reflects on the past , while the second half looks towards the future. “I’m starting to wonder, was it all a lie? Was there ever a time I had stars in my eyes?” Cromack ponders before switching gears and proclaiming “Tell me that I still have stars in my eyes”.

‘Stars In My Eyes’ is a huge anthemic moment that takes listeners on a journey of emotions through a vivid and engaging soundscape. If this is anything to go by, then Ball Park Music have a big album ahead for us.