5 Songs You Should Listen To From Avril Lavigne’s New Album ‘Love Sux’ 

The world really did need another pop-punk Avril Lavigne record. It’s been 14 years since the Canadian singer-songwriter released her third studio album ‘The Best Damn Thing’ and gave every millennial a soundtrack full of angsty and vengeful anthems. Since that release she went on a further pop experimentation that steered her away from her pop-punk roots. But with the resurgence of the genre, she’s signed to Travis Barkers label and is coming in hot with with an energetic, feisty, and confident record that would make 15 year old me very, very happy. 

‘Love Sux’ is more than just a return to her roots. It’s a celebration of the genre and everything that has made people still love it over time. These songs equally feel like they could fit on ‘The Best Damn Thing’ as they do feel like they belong in 2022. There is a hint of nostalgia along with the timely relevancy of pop-punk that has been heralded into mainstream pop culture again. From start to finish it’s a playful and angsty listen that will have you ready to scream in the face of your ex and stand up for yourself. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Love Sux’ we’ve compiled a list of 5 songs you NEED to listen to. Check it out BELOW;

5. ‘Avalanche’

Avril Lavigne has always been a big advocator for mental health with her lyrics of reassurance and understanding through times of hardship. ‘Avalanche’ is the ‘Keep Holding On’ of the album, with a bit of a pop-rock twist. “I say that I’m just fine, but I don’t feel alright on the inside. I say that I’m okay, but I don’t feel okay right now, no” she honestly admits before belting out “It’s like I’m runnin’ from an avalanche”. It’s an anthem of acknowledging that you aren’t okay, but are working through it. 

4. ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ feat. blackbear

Sonically reminiscent of ‘I Don’t Have To Try’, there is a gritty energy that pulsates through the punk-pop attitude and will have you immediately wanting to scream out every damn lyric. Injecting a slight modern twist through collaborating with blackbear, this track is a reinvention of her sound. With his hip-hop influenced vocal delivery gliding through the second verse, he brings a different perspective to the track and gives the song different levels for Avril to play off. 

3. ‘Cannonball’

Opening the album with the high octane line, “Like a ticking time bomb, I’m about to explode. And motherfuckers, let’s go”, you’re immediately brought into that pop-punk soundscape and will be ready to run around in a mosh pit. Interpolating electronic influences with the auto-tuned verses, she delivers this really slick merge of the two worlds. It’s a fun and punchy 2 minute introduction to the rest of the record. 

2. ‘Bite Me’

‘Bite Me’ is an ultimate “fuck you” break-up track that screams the confidence that was missing on her previous album ‘Head Above Water’. Re-finding her voice, she unapologetically serves it like it is and lets her ex know that they are never getting back together, ever. “You shoulda known better better to fuck with someone like me. Forever and ever you’re going to wish I was your wifey” she sings during the infectiously angsty hook. 

  1. ‘Love Sux’

This song feels like the perfect bridge between ‘The Best Damn Thing’ and ‘Love Sux’. The title track has this angsty fire lyrically which is met with a playful pop production that could be classed as a little cheesy, but in the best way possible. “Na-na-na, not another breakup. When I think of you, I just wanna throw up” she sings during the infectious chorus. It perfectly embodies what this record needed to be, and will have you ready to relive all the euphoria her music brought you in your childhood all over again in your adulthood. And if you’re only just discovering Avril Lavigne now, then welcome!

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