SINGLE REVIEW: Zane Cozy – everything falls apart at once 

When it rains, it pours. It’s a domino effect that sees when one thing goes wrong, everything turning to shit. It’s hard to stay positive and focused when you feel like everything is falling apart and slipping out of your control, but we all need to remember to hold on during those moments. Capturing that sentiment in his experimental debut single, Zane Cozy confidentially captures a boldness and reassured maturity beyond his years.  

The 16 year old Chicago singer-songwriter has exploded onto the scene with a song solely written and produced by himself. The impressive feat is then reiterated by the fact that it’s done with such precision. ‘Everything falls apart at once’ is a song that will leave you impressed after the first listen. It’s one that will have you ready to hit replay over and over again, while also wanting to know and hear more from him. 

Sonically found somewhere between Post Malone and Charlie Puth, there is an experimentation of pop and hip-hop influences that creates this space oddity of light contrasted with a heavier lyrical reflection. “How does everything fall apart at once? How does that happen? I thought you were the one since day one. You were my everything” he sings during the opening moments of the song. Diving further into those self deprecating thoughts, he gives a real insight to what it feels like to watch your whole life fall apart at the seams. 

An engaging listen from start to finish, Zane Cozy may just be the newcomer on the block you need to keep your eyes on.