It’s been three years in-between releases for HANDSOME, and I for one am very excited that she’s back to bringing us the queer and honest anthems we deserve. ‘Youth Disaster’ is the beginning of a whole new chapter for the Sydney based singer-songwriter. It’s a bold and defining track that elevates from where ‘Delete You’ left off. The anthemic track has this dark and brooding production at its core which compliments the honest lyrical exploration. But she contrasts the darkness with electronic quirks and layered backing vocals which takes the song to new heights. 

Exploring the dark side of our personalities that has us questioning how we really feel, and what impact the people we surround ourselves with have on us, she really captures the new age social media world we find ourselves in. “Can’t stand your party drama. Can’t be the girlfriend after. Won’t be your youth disaster” she proclaims during the infectious hook.

The dark and pulsating track has a pop polish that subtly glistens over the top. It’s catchy, direct, honest, and reflective. There is a darkness that makes you stop and think, while still being able to dance and groove along to its offbeat energy.