SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Saint James  – Fake Ass Friends 

On the back of the viral success of ‘Mad At God’, Sarah Saint James is closing out the first chapter in her musical story with her deeply honest, vulnerable, and experimental debut EP ‘Home Is Where The Hell Is’ on March 18. Ready to show a stripped back side of her artistry, her new single ‘Fake Ass Friends’ is one of her most candid releases yet. 

Co-written with Cyrus, this visually charged track embodies the outcast feelings of growing up around kids who are just equally trying hard to fit in and stay on-top of the social ladder. Capturing the essence of preferring to be surrounded by fake friends at a party than be at home by herself on a Saturday night, she desperately tries to fit in with her peers while still being called a freak and a loser behind her back. “Choking on a teardrop, from my cheek. Making sure the doors locked, so they don’t see. Oh I can hear all of the shit that they’re saying. But still I wouldn’t leave” she sings as she reminisces on hearing her so-called friends talking about her while she was sitting unbeknown to them in the bathroom stall at the party. She then proclaims “Yeah I’d rather be with fake ass friends, than be lonely tonight”, which is a feeling that a lot of people will be able to relate to. 

The intimacy of the track is highlighted by its stripped back production that allows the heartbreaking storytelling to take centre stage. Led by electric guitar, a little bit of distortion, and a layering of dreamy harmonies, she keeps the emotions high for the 2 minute duration while she pours her soul out to the listener. The authentic pop moment is one of Sarah Saint James’ best releases yet as it’s pure and relatable. If you were (or are currently) feeling like an outcast in your “friend” circle, then this one will hit a little deeper and comfort your soul.