SINGLE REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter – Fast Times 

Stepping into 2022, Sabrina Carpenter is continuing her confidently charged exploration of her artistry. ‘Skin’ was a bold and defining new chapter for the singer-songwriter as she took control of the media narrative being spun about her, and showed people that she was unafraid to speak up through the platform of a big pop anthem. She then stripped things back with the follow-up single ‘Skinny Dipping’ which was deeply rooted in storytelling with a very vivid narrative that authentically engaged listeners. But now she’s merging the two production styles together for the electrically charged and slightly wonky-beat led ‘Fast Times’. 

Co-written with John Ryan, Julia Michaels, and JP Saxe, this honest track captures the whirlwind feeling of being in your early twenties and having to quickly react to things with the expectation to get back up and be fine about it all before you even get to process what actually happened. Reminding herself to live in the moment, she takes a moment to appreciate that this is the way life was meant to be and to trust the process, but still also take a moment to reflect and process when she can. “These are fast times and fast nights, yeah. No time for rewrites, we couldn’t help it. Outlines on bed sides, yeah. Give me a second to forget I evеr really meant it” she sings. 

With a similar off-beat production to Selena Gomez’s ‘Bad Liar’, she builds up the production with keys, guitar and drums through the verses while her dreamy vocals drip smoothly over the top. The chorus adds smooth harmonies which provides an almost disco-layering to the production that is then later complimented by an electric guitar solo. 

Creating a funky and in-depth look into your early twenties, Sabrina Carpenter will have you learning and appreciating to be in the moment more, which is something we all need to remind ourselves every now and then.