SINGLE REVIEW: Mimi Webb – House On Fire 

Mimi Webb was one of the most exciting British breakout stars of 2021, and she’s ready to continue that success as we steer into 2022. Her first single of the year is undoubtedly one of her catchiest, sassiest and most universally anthemic releases yet, and it will have you ready to sing it directly in the face of anyone who has ever hurt you.

‘House On Fire’ is villainous pop track dedicated to that lying and cheating ex of yours who tries to change the narrative to cover their tracks. When in fact, you already have your proof, and decided what punishment they deserve. Toying with the idea of setting their house on fire, she reassures she’s got her story straight, befriended all the cops, and has the right justification she needs to go through with it. “Oh I’d say it wasn’t me, hmm. And sure we dated once in a while. But if there was a motive, it’s not enough for a trial” she playfully sings before proclaiming “I saw you out, it was zero degrees, and you had your hands right under her sleeves. Oh, you said you don’t get cold, you liar. Now I’ma set your house on fire”. 

With the lyrical delivery not holding back from being as sassy, angsty, and honest as possible, she matches that energy with this pulsating pop production that lives in a similar world to ‘Little Bit Louder’. With an extra pop punch, she gives you that coming-of-age film fantasy where the main character is running through the empty streets in the rain after having a liberating moment of emotional release. This song is very much the embodiment of main character energy,  and if you’ve ever been cheated on or lied to, then this song will be your anthem of catharsis while you mentally (not literally) burn down their house. And maybe, just maybe, revenge is really sweeter.